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For a long time, our people have the notion of "American humor" is not perceived, and thought it's almost something vulgar and abusive. But oddly enough, but it was the American comedy in the 80th and 90th years of the post-Soviet television viewers conquered his extraordinary sense of humor, which was not in our domestic films. Of course there are no complicated subtexts, but he was very gracious and childishly naive. And somewhere about ten years ago, we met an American animated films for teenagers and adults. And thus was the first such sultserialom family Sipsonov. After all, history is not a simple and ideal family could easily conquer our viewers. The main characters have very prominent and charisma combine realism and comic. Lazy head of the family, a very demanding of his wife, a daughter, who is studying at the well, rowdy son and constantly cause trouble kid - really not familiar to us the story of real life? Moreover, these families are not only in America, but we can live next door neighbors are gay. Therefore the modern game developers are not able to leave these characters behind. And today in The Simpsons Game can be played through the computer. It is at this game a lot of fans came after watching the animated series itself. In The Simpsons Game play can not only children but also adults of different generations. Everyone will find something for yourself useful. Simpsons games online is very fun and funny application. After all, there is humor in them, and that he became famous cartoon. And for such a game does not need any special plot, which would have attracted players. Online games Simpsons meet in different genres of computer games. Then there are adventure games, there are coloring books, fun shooters and more. The Simpsons Game series 3 games online have the biggest range which is regularly updated by developers. The advent of new series of games and a variety of variations indicates that the popularity of a funny at semeika still not reduced. And even on the rise. The Simpsons Game with easy fit for your growing baby in the form of colorful odevalok, razukrashek that will teach your child a variety of colors and will give him the opportunity to experiment with clothes heroes. And for the adult game with such characters will help you relax in the evening after a hard working day, and will not make much strain, as in the various puzzles or strategies. Download the Simpsons and get positive emotions as a family.

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