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Create your perfect aquarium , choose fish , which only the desire and provide them all the facilities for a comfortable stay. You probably guessed that we would go to the popularity of the game Fishdom . This original , addictive puzzle game in the genre of " three in a row " with elements of strategy. By moving the diverse elements of sea subjects on the playing field , so to get a chain of three or more identical items, you 'll break the tiles under them and earn capital . Honestly earned penny you can immediately spend in the store to buy everything you need for the future of the aquarium : fish , algae, aquarium oxygen saturation system , feeder , drugs , funny figurines and other decorative items, you can decorate the bottom of the aquarium. The whole process will take place gradually , you will not be able to immediately make a lot of money. Just as in life . Fishdom game won a well-deserved sympathy of a large army of players and developers quickly responded by creating a sequel - Fishdom 2 game . Now players have the opportunity to play Fishdom 2 online and you should definitely take advantage of it . This version has become more colorful and interesting. You have to build from scratch three thematic aquarium : "Sea oasis ", " Water Farm ," " The Palace of Triton " and bonus aquarium called "The Sea of Silence ." Each of the tanks is perfect in its own way and has its own set of decorative elements . Making money you will continue to : collecting chains of identical items . To help you pass the level more quickly , removing long chains , where more than three items , you will receive a gift dynamite and bombs of varying thickness . The faster you clear the field from the tiles , the more you earn money to purchase goods and, therefore, faster build an aquarium. The timeline on the right side , will constantly remind you of how much time you have left. However, you do not think that the developers have stopped on the second version. Today, there are seven games Fishdom series , including games, devoted to Christmas , Halloween. All are designed in the same style , but differ in focus . Each subsequent game more interesting and a little bit harder and earlier in the play Fishdom also interesting. If you do not have to play any of the versions fishdoma , you lost a lot . With this game you can really relax and unwind , as a gift to get a screensaver on your desktop and , mind you, this is a screensaver made ​​by your hands .

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