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Once there were video game consoles, in which you can compete with your partner in a different game. And today, to arrange real competition at home is not as easy as it was before with these consoles. You can certainly create a special MMORPG server and forth to compete with a friend for power in a virtual country. But if you're not a fan of such toys, you will be boring and tedious to take part in this game. After a long process of pumping main character will give you the opportunity to show not their strength, skill, and his agility, but its rubber patience. Yes, and is also be noted that many of the opponent's game selection is performed by random selection. So in this case, the desired competition with his friend could not take place. But today, every day more and more appear online games that can play together with a computer keyboard. Fighting games for two people to such games, and relate. They are focused on the competitive rivalry between two opponents that it is now gathered around a single computer. The format of these games has been carefully selected and has the perfect look. Because of the concentration on the centuries, men have shown their strength is in fist fights. That's the game for two fights mostly use most of the known techniques of oriental art of warfare. It is in these games with a pair of simple Controls can be applied to his opponent kick or arm in the right place. Controls in the game for two duplicated on both sides of the computer keyboard. Some of the games include increasing the force of the impact, or a combination of simultaneous strike with their hands and feet. Also, there are options for games, where the force of impact depends on the amount remaining in your life. Terms and special effects are all different, but the rules are usually so simple that you do not have to study them very long. Fighting games are more attractive to boys, but there are also lovely and the fair sex, who own no less skilled. Duel with sitting next opponent brings more emotion and fun, whatever your opponent would be thousands of miles away from you. It is there to swell the pride of another win in front of his friend. The most important thing in the game does not break the keyboard while in the fighting mood. By the way, these games can show what your friend really is and how he will behave towards you. It is in the virtual world can learn a little more human in an irregular situation.

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